Lighthouse – Valve’s positional tracking (smart) solution

Lighthouse is a positional tracking solution based on IR light and laser beam presented by Valve. It works “like the GPS principles”.

In this case, the receptor (device that want to be tracked) must be aware of the system and doing simple math, be able to calculate its relative position.

The system itself looks very small and polish … just unknown when it will be available …..

Read full story here (spanish version)

FOVE – HMD with eye tracking

FOVE is another interesting HMD running a kickstarter campaign. In this case the HMD comes with nice eye-tracking technology and case uses.

Unfortunately, eye-tracking is using IR-light/camera and doesn’t look to work without a PC :/  … Also they’re working in add positional tracking .. so looks promising :)

Dreaming with one HMD with all the features :)

Read full story in roadtovr